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Jul, 2019

A Few Reminders As We Head Into Our 2019 Fall Season!

As we head into a new Fall season here at RRSC, there are a few things we would like you to keep in mind.

1.) We love that our families are passionate about their children playing any sport. Sometimes that passion can be a little overdone. We encourage cheering for not only your child and their team, but we also recommend throwing a few cheers towards their opposing team as well! ESPECIALLY for our In-house program!!! Keep in mind that they are still kids, they are there not only to learn the game, but to have fun too! It's no fun to have a member of your family yelling and screaming at you or the other team because the child didn't make a certain play, or didn't do what you thought they should do! Please, be encouraging and respectful to all the kids and coaches participating! We want your child's experience to be a good one, and you should too!

2.) This is probably one of the most important things to remember for parents and coaches alike. Every season we hear people yelling and screaming at our Referees. This will NOT be tolerated!!! The Referee is in charge on the field and they call the game the way they see it! Keep in mind that if you choose to harass a Ref, you risk your coach getting carded as well as yourself, and possibly being told to leave the park if you continue to harass a Ref! And your child's Head Coach may very well be escorted out with you! Coaches, please keep in mind that you are not only responsible for your players, but on game day, you are ALSO responsible for their parents behavior as well! If you are asked by the Ref to control the parents, it is part of your duty as a coach to warn the parents that may be causing issues! 

Also, you may notice that we have Refs that are pretty young. We start training our Refs at the age of 12! We are, after all, a teaching league! So some of our Refs are learning as well! Another reason for you NOT to harass them! Because just as your player is still learning the game, our younger Refs are still learning how to be Referees too! Try to keep in mind if it was your child out there learning how to be a Ref! Would you want someone yelling and screaming at your child while they are out there trying to learn the do's and don'ts of Reffing??? Just like if you are yelling at the players or the coaches, yelling at the Ref or harassing the Ref in any way shape or form could land you out of the park for the day, or depending on how severe the case is, you could very well be banned from all games at the park for the rest of the season!!! If you are having issues with a Ref, you can come to ANY available Board member on the field, and we will handle the situation! DO NOT TAKE IT UPON YOURSELF TO HANDLE IT!!! 

3.) Another BIG NO, NO is Bullying of any sort! Bullying is a very serious issue and will be handled with swift and immediate action! RRSC has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy when it comes to Bullying!!! No matter if it's one parent to another parent, parent to player, player to parent, parent to coach, coach to parent, Bullying will not be tolerated anywhere on the grounds where RRSC holds any event, games or otherwise!!! So please, keep yourselves in check while at any RRSC event!

We hope these reminders help you to have a great 2019 season! Remember, we ALL do this for the kids! This is their time! They are the whole reason why we do this! We want them to keep playing Soccer, and any other sport they choose to play! And in order to ensure them coming back to Soccer or other sports is to respect everything about it! Respect the Coaches, other parents, other players, the Referees and most important of all...your own child! Our job is to make sure they not only learn and respect the game, but to have a whole lot of fun doing it! So help us to make sure that happens! Thanks everyone, and have a fantastic 2019 Soccer season!


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